TV Thompson

Doubleday  Library of Congress # 73-171322.

TV ThompsonArmed with Gobbles, Fatties, and Belcho, Trueviewer TV Thompson gleefully begins his nightly ritual of remote-controlling himself through Westerns, talk shows, old movies, news,  weather and sports.  Loud chomping on Charlotte's Web by a rude bookworm named Dudley interrupts this midnight medley.  Dudley, a gourmet of the rare book room, tempts TV with an offer to enter the excitement and adventure of the color console world.  This incredible and hilarious excursion includes a near stampede by the Manhattan Monsters, a showdown between Marshall Fred .44 (star of Hot Lead) and Carleton Cool (spy hero of S.N.E.A.K.), and a possible adoption by the Mack Typical family.  How this nightmarish experience in Televisionland makes TV Thompson think twice about the effects of the tube on his imagination, his family and friends, his reading habits, and his future makes this a delightful and timely story.

Reviews --

"In their latest book, addressed to True Viewers between the ages of nine and ninety (it should really be between one and ninety), Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout have created an unforgettable character, TV Thompson, the embodiment of the foibles and frustrations of the TV age.  Barbara Ninde Byfield cleverly compliments the satirical story of the victim's involvement and resulting predicament, told with the usual genial Swarthout wit and perception…Reading this book will ensure a more discriminating use of the all pervasive TV."  Collice Portnoff, Arizona Republic 

 "Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout's TV Thompson is a timely story about the effects of television on a boy's imagination, his reading habits and his future."  Vicki Vincent, Memphis, Tennessee Commercial Appeal

"For years, educators, psychologists and concerned parents have written articles on, debated the issue of, and reached tentative conclusions about the deleterious effects of too much television viewing on young children.  But not one of the articles or the speeches I have read or heard says it more effectively about the effects of 'televisionalities' than do authors Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout in their humorous and subtle satire, TV Thompson."  Josephine J. Curto, Tallahassee, Florida Democrat

"One of the funnier books for young people--and funny enough to entice parents and grandparents--is TV Thompson.  It is a good and timely book…The book isn't moralistic, but the print is there and maybe a lot of parents and kids should read it."  Grand Junction, Colorado Sentinel

"In this updated version of Alice Through the Looking Glass,  young TV Thompson is lured inside the television console to share in the excitement and adventures--and the dangers--that makes up the world of video.  There's a nightmarish quality to TV's experiences.  And the result is a new perspective as to the part television should play upon our lives--both for TV Thompson and the young, up-to-12 reader.  Cleverly done and fairly effective in its message."  San Rafael, California Independent Journal